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Hot Melt Glue Gun (65W)


3K-605 Hot Melt Standard Temperature 65W Glue Gun


The Procedure To Use The Gun

Step 1: Plug In Gun. Load The Glue Sticks Into The Back Of The Gun.

Step 2 : Press Trigger Several Times Until The Glue Stick Is Firmly Set Into The Inlet Tube

Step 3 : Allow The Glue Gun To Warm Up For Approx 5 Minutes

Step : 4 Squeeze Trigger Until Glue Flows From Nozzle.


Examples Of Usage

  • Repair Holes In Window Screens
  • Reattach The Float For A Tank After Its Mount Corroded Away
  • Repair Broken Tail Light Covers On Cars
  • Reattach Trim On Cars Reattach The Side View Mirror On A Car
  • Reattach The Heel Of A Shoe
  • Repair The Cracked Housing Of An Electric Appliance
  • Make An Impromptu Model For Your Kids School Project
  • Reattach Plastic Kitchen Cabinet Drawers To Wooden Face Plates
  • Repair Of Toys, Furniture, Tv, Radio, Or Any Plastic Product Body Cracks, Etc.
  • Reattaching Book Binding / Covers Without Stitching
  • Repair Umbrellas Whose Spines Have Separated From The Material

Hot Melt Glue Gun (65W)

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