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Handheld Eyelet Plier

This plier is perfect for adding funky designs and eyelet embellishments on a wide variety of materials and for a number of occasions.
Simply place the pliers in the correct place on your chosen fabric, make the hole and then place the eyelet in the correct place and use the pliers to press and set the eyelet onto fabric in the pattern of your chosen design.

Our Plier is designed to make your work ease, that it can be used for both Hole Punching and Eyelets Punching.

Usage Guidelines
Hole Punching
- Adjust the golden screw on the top for the depth, based on the material you wish to punch a hole
- Place the material(Paper, Fabric, Cardboard, etc.,) for your convenience and punch a hole (Material with minimum thickness is advised at first use)

Eyelets Punching
- Insert the eyelets/metal ring into the hole and align it on protruding sides and then punch them as you desire


* Eyelets are sold separately

Handheld Eyelet Plier

SKU: PL00002